DuisburgSport - About us

Since 2007 DuisburgSport is working hard to strengthen and enhance Duisburg’s position as a center of sports.
A team of 150 employees provides comprehensive services with easy access.
Centralised delivery of tasks ensures flexibility, efficiency and customer with an emphasis on development and maintenance of sports venues and swimming baths under economic principles.
Amongst 12 sports venues administered by DuisburgSport are a number of district football fields, the regatta course comprising the Canoe Sprint Federal and State Centers of Excellence, a track and field stadium and gyms in the South and West of Duisburg.
This set up is completed by 38 sports venue administered by external organization and 72 under lease, i.e. ice rink, boat houses and venues for horse riding, tennis, beach volleyball, waterski/wakeboarding, shooting. Six swimming pools are administered by DuisburgSport. A further ten are under lease to external organisations.
DuisburgSport is also administering the internationally renowned sports park which is maintained and developed by its employees. Planning, delivery of services and marketing are additional task carried out by DuisburgSport members of staff.
DuisburgSport is closely cooperating with Stadtsportbund Duisburg, the council of sports organisations in Duisburg.


Juergen Dietz

Head of DuisburgSport